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Former American Shingle Employee Says Roofing Company Is Stiffing Him

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“It’s close to $1800, and I mean, I don’t think I’ll see it. They owe too many people,” said former Huntsville branch Construction Manager Keith Hendrix.

He received a letter in the mail from American Shingle postmarked August 19.

There was no signature, no return address and no promises that he’d ever get paid.

“Other than that they’re working on it,” Hendrix said.

The letter says the company has not paid employees for two payroll periods now, buy they’re working hard to collect money so they can pay them. The letter says it’s not possible to determine when the funds will be available.

“That’s just another technique just to try to keep people from pushing it any further as far as law suits,” said Hendrix

He says while he does not plan to take legal action; he believes the company’s owners will get what’s coming to them.

“I think they’ve committed fraud. If you’re not going to put a roof on, then give the customer their money back.”

Hendrix estimates there are between 100 and 400 homeowners who gave American Shingle their insurance checks in Huntsville only to see the money vanish and the work never materialize.

He says the last couple of weeks he worked for American Shingle, they did not install any roofs. He says the company still owes one subcontractor about $4,600.

“Apparently what happened was there was some checks that were bounced. A lot of people got checks, but they were no good,” he said.

Now Hendrix is concerned material companies will place liens on homes if they were not compensated for their supplies. He says that could hurt the homeowners.

“If they ever decide to sell their home, when they pull a title search, that lien will show up and it will have to be satisfied at that point,” said Hendrix.

Back at Huntsville’s closed American Shingle office, a bill is stuffed in the doorway for unpaid utilities. It seems the dried up money trail has even trickled down to the people who supplied lights and water for the office.

WHNT News 19 is taking action for American Shingle customers. We brought their complaints to Huntsville’s FBI office, where an agent is now looking into the company.

Huntsville police are actively investigating the company. A Police spokesman says they hope to turn their findings over to the District Attorney for possible prosecution.